What To Do If You’re Involved in a Road Traffic Accident

The Road Traffic Accident department at Express Solicitors deals with a variety of different accident circumstances and injuries.

Since the department deals with such a large amount of accident circumstances; it means we understand the importance of helping our clients back into the position they were in prior to the accident. We understand the life changing impact injuries can have on our clients, as well as the required information needed to progress their claim. After an accident it’s important that as much information as possible is gathered at the scene of the event, which could help benefit a claim from the outset.

Some useful information to consider after an accident could include; obtaining the full third party’s details, such as their name, address, and insurance details. This information ultimately helps us to progress a  claim without any delays. In some instances, it may also be useful to report the incident to the police, meaning that the firm can request a police report or any additional information noted by the police, although this is not always necessary.

Photographic evidence can also be useful, which could involve taking photos of the positioning of the vehicles on the road, your vehicle and the third party’s vehicles, vehicle registration number of the third party and sometimes photograph’s of your injuries. If there are any witnesses present within the vicinity, obtaining their details could be useful if liability is later in dispute or to act as supporting evidence towards a case.

We realise that after an accident, a client’s first initial thoughts are to make sure that they are not physically or psychologically affected, therefore, gathering evidence for a claim is not the first thought that spring’s to an injured person’s mind.

As well as gathering as much information as possible, it’s also important to seek medical attention if the pain is ongoing or just as a general check up to make sure that you haven’t been affected by the accident.

If you would like to get some further advice about making a claim, contact us on 0161 904 4660 to speak with our new client team and discuss your claim further.

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