Chris Ingram Leads the ERC Junior class

With two rounds completed in this years European Rally championship the U27 Junior category is looking good for Chris Ingram. He has won both rounds. The first in The Azores where he traded stage times with his teammate Jari Huttunen right up until the last stage where Huttunen had a drive shaft fail on him near the end of the stage. Chris and Elliot Edmondson had already completed the stage and were resigned to second place until Huttunen failed to make it to the end of the stage giving Chris the win. As they say in rallying “To finish first, first you have to finish17523369_1426929780705136_1970644625465487781_n

From the podium in The Azores it was then a 6 week wait till the next round on Gran Canaria. This round would be on Tarmac as opposed to the rough dirt mountain stages of The Azores. This needs a different approach to corners as going off line can lose you a wheel. The heat in Gran Canaria would mean that tyre strategy would be very important as the abrasive road surface can destroy tyres quickly if not controlled. Chris and Elliot had a blistering start catching all their opponents off guard on the first stage completing it 19 seconds quicker than any of the others in the class. Then it was a case of controlling the rally from the front conserving the tyres whilst still taking a number of stage wins Giving Chris and Elliot there second win of the year.18575888_10154315076771503_836724354_o

Express Solicitors are very proud to sponsor Chris in his attempt to become ERC junior rally Champion

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