December Spot Prizes & Incentives

Dec 1

In the run up to Christmas, Express Solicitors run a Spot Prize incentive scheme. Members of staff can nominate their fellow employees for a prize if they feel as though they have gone above and beyond in their job role.

Each winner of a Spot Prize receives £50.00 shopping vouchers, a thank you card, and a balloon to show how much their hard work is appreciated by the firm.

This month’s winners include:

  • Danielle Whalley – for being helpful not only to her team but the firm as a whole and always with a smile.
  • Hayley Franklin – for always being polite and getting things done. Also a double congratulations for Hayley on passing her level 3 NVQ in Customer Services with flying colours!
  • Karen Edwards – for all of her help clearing the backlog of work, while always maintaining a positive approach.
  • Michael Harness – for being an asset to the accounts department, always knowledgeable and helpful.
  • James Cretney – for his positive ‘will do’ attitude, nothing is too small or too big for him to sort.
  • Emma Bates – for being a fantastic help on the elite matters while managing her caseload and always with a smile!
  • Michael Chadderton – for all of the work he does behind the scenes as a developer and for always willing to lend a hand when needed.
  • Fiona Nicol – for always cracking on, and taking on extra tasks without being asked.
  • Maxine Holgate – for helping to hold the fort in Fiona’s absence and for working tirelessly throughout NCT.
  • Acacia Yisra’El – for her always being friendly to everyone all the time! A real ray of sunshine throughout the office.
  • Emma Carl – Always happy to lend a hand with things and always with a smile.
  • Jenna Buckley – for her all her hard work in the recent months.
  • Katie O’Rourke – for always being a safe pair of hands, she works hard is always reliable.
  • Emma Welby – for all her hard work with the NCT new starters, she is never too busy to answer a question or lend a hand.
  • Sarah Fowden – for being a Costs superstar … she is relentless with those budgets!
  • Kevin Proctor – for all his hard work and dedication to any issue thrown at him.
  • Charlotte Hardware – for all of her hard work in the organisation of the nursing section of Ontime and always happy to lend a hand.
  • Gemma Sage – for her help and patience with the new starters and her help recently in assisting on a large complex bill.

Dec 2

As well as spot prizes, a couple of fee earner prizes were also awarded. Kate Sanderson won a ‘wild card’ award for her great work with an elite client and for obtaining a high amount of issued claims. Chris Power won an award for the most issues and settled cases. Anna Pearson won a prize for getting the most WIP put into Costs within the month.

Dec 3

A special ‘thank you’ was awarded to a team effort in the Road Traffic Accident department. Sam Kaufman, Tom Pinney, Stephen Cox, and Raheel Razzak have done a great job pushing cases through the portal whilst still delivering excellent work on paralegal tasks.

Dec 4

The Costs department gave out a number of awards too! Prizes were awarded to:

Gemma Sage – for settling the most cases.

Wesley Swindell – for the best bill narrative.

Sofia Crotty – for the most payments on account agreed.

Jessica Ng – billed the most in terms of WIP over the month.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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