Express Solicitors At Cheshire Show 2012

Partners and management team at Express Solicitors took time out recently to visit the Cheshire Show. After allowing themselves a few moments to peruse the many wonderful stalls and displays at the show, they were quickly hauled off to a tent for a ‘dunking’.

Watch Express Solicitors Take A Dunking At The Cheshire Show

 Members of the public eagerly handed over hard earned cash in exchange for a few shots at the magic button: push the button and see a Personal Injury Solicitor plunged into freezing cold water. By the end of the afternoon, there were some very soggy suits and very shivering solicitors.

Children and adults alike took great pleasure in giving the helpless victims a dunking, and throughout the fair individuals were spotted proudly sporting their ‘I’ve Dunked A Lawyer’ t-shirts.

 Kudos to James Maxey, Daniel Slade, Richard Lowery, Kimberley Newman and Gavin Redman for all being such great sports and taking their dunking with such good grace. As well as being freezing cold, by the end of the day the water was not altogether clean so even though some had a wetsuit on they really were very brave.

The dunking was all for a good cause, as cash proceeds went to World Horse Welfare. The charity is dedicated to giving abused and neglected horses a second chance in life.

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