Express Solicitors Are Delighted to Offer Three New Training Contracts

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(Pictured above from left: Simran Sathi, Ryan Gledhill, & Daniel Brassington)

Express Solicitors are delighted to announce the promotion of three Litigation Executives who have all been offered training contracts at the firm. Simran Sathi, Ryan Gledhill, and Daniel Brassington have recently embarked on their two year training contract with Express Solicitors with the view of qualifying as solicitors in 2017.

Simran Sathi

Simran Sathi started working at Express Solicitors in August 2013 initially in the firm’s New Client Team. He was promoted to the Employer’s Liability department in March 2014 as a paralegal and started fee earning in October 2014.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Express Solicitors, Simran answered: “I enjoy the varied case load that I deal with on a day to day basis. Not only do I deal with claims for accidents at work, but also I have Industrial Disease cases and some occupier’s and public liability cases. Working at Express Solicitors has given me the opportunity to run cases which are at various stages throughout the litigation process.  It’s rewarding when you have settled a client’s claim and know that they have been awarded the compensation they deserve; knowing that I’ve played a part is a fantastic feeling.”

Simran believes that the next two years will be a challenge but one that he is looking forward to.  Simran is hoping to build upon his extensive skills set and prove that he can be a proficient solicitor. During his training contract, Simran also hopes to further develop his knowledge of the legal sector and have an opportunity to deal with complex cases. Commenting on his promotion to a Trainee Solicitor at the firm, Simran says: “I am looking forward to my training contract at the firm; the training that is offered to staff is second to none. It’s inspiring to know that a number of the Partners at Express started off in the new client team and the fact that they have worked their way up through the firm is reflective of the level of training and opportunity that Express offers.  I have seen others start off in this position and they have developed to become skilful Solicitors and I hope to emulate them.”

Ryan Gledhill

Ryan Gledhill initially joined the firm’s New Client Team in October 2013, before being promoted to a Litigation Assistant in April 2014, and a fee earner in the Employer’s Liability department in October 2014.

When asked what he enjoys most about working in the Employer’s Liability department at Express Solicitors, Ryan answered: “As a naturally gregarious person, I enjoy the interaction with my clients, facilitating a high level of empathy and a yearning to obtain the best result possible for them. Working at Express Solicitors really does disprove the image of the archetypal, ruthless litigation lawyer; we’re in it to ‘right the wrong’ and this really does show through in the compassionate body of fee earners and support staff the firm holds. You only need to be in the office when somebody successfully wins at trial, or secures a hefty settlement, to see the true feeling of satisfaction that is felt when a positive result is obtained for our clients.

“Working in the Employers’ Liability department itself is both challenging and absorbing. With the level of disclosure and documentation that is involved in these cases there is an element of true investigation that allows you to immerse yourself in your client’s claim. Further, it provides unique challenges, such as companies that are in liquidation, or those reluctant to respond.”

Ryan understands that the next two years of his training contract will be a learning curve towards providing the best possible service to his clients. He also hopes that it will allow him to works towards becoming a complete litigation lawyer, competent in advocacy, negotiations, drafting and the rest of the mountain of skills required to survive in such a dynamic and ever-changing sector.

Commenting on his aims for the next few years working as a Trainee Solicitor at Express, Ryan says: “In the short term, I look forward to my first case that will reach trial and the (hopefully!) successful result it will bring. Generally, I hope to prove myself as a competent lawyer and move onwards through the legal hierarchy. The area of Personal Injury never sits still and there are always cutting edge developments, so in some ways you are a lifelong student of the law. Express Solicitors ensures that all of their fee earners are never behind the curve and are rigorously trained on new and challenging concepts.”

Daniel Brassington

Daniel Brassington joined the firm’s New Client Team in September 2013, before joining the Costs department in February 2014. Daniel was promoted to a Litigation Executive in the Costs department in September 2014.

When asked what he enjoys most about working in the Costs department at Express Solicitors, Daniel answered: “I enjoy the technical nature of Costs work and the sometimes complex arguments over costs provisions. There is great camaraderie within the Costs department and everyone in the team is very supportive of one another. Whilst in the cost department I have had the opportunity to work on some high value costs claims and have also been given some challenging cases of my own requiring in depth analysis and knowledge of costs law. It is satisfying to be able to secure a good settlement on costs as this reflects the hard work not of the personal injury fee earner but by the costs negotiator.”

Daniel realises that the next two years as a trainee will be a challenge. Yet, he believes that he is well equipped for any forthcoming challenges from the skills he has already learnt from taking client enquiries in the New Client Team to working as a Litigation Executive in Costs, along with all of the in-house training he has received.

Commenting on his aims for the next few years working as a Trainee Solicitor at Express, Daniel says: “In the short term I hope to better my knowledge of costs law, an interesting and changeable area of law that requires a good eye for detail. Furthermore, I am looking forward to experiencing different areas of law e.g. CICA/MIB work. It is inspiring to note that so many of the qualified solicitors and Partners within the firm started in New Client Team and worked their way up.”

For more information about working as a Trainee at Express Solicitors, you may wish to take a look at the ‘Life as a Trainee’ article.

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