Express Solicitors Secures Lexcel Accreditation For The Eleventh Consecutive Year

Express Solicitors are pleased to announce that we have secured the Law Society’s law management quality mark, Lexcel, for the eleventh consecutive year.

Lexcel is developed specifically for the legal profession. It is an optional, recognised accreditation scheme for law firms and in-house legal departments which gives assurance that a practice meets high client care and business management standards.

In order to retain Lexcel accreditation, Express Solicitors recently had to undergo a rigorous assessment process. This involved an on-site visit from an experienced and trained Lexcel assessor.

We are delighted to announce that Express Solicitors passed the inspection with flying colours, with the Lexcel assessor highlighting 17 areas of good practice, demonstrating our commitment to client care and best practice.

The overriding comment in the report stated: ‘This year it was clear that the firm had used the review as an opportunity to test their approach to risk management and continuous improvement and they faired very well indeed. The assessor was very impressed with the commitment from senior management in ensuring people were updated and communicated to and that the development requirements as well as investment in IT and systems in this regard to facilitate client service. People praised the firm as an employer, also feeling a sense of pride.’

Below are some of the other great comments we received in the assessment report:

  • The firm actively has a CSR policy which is brought to life through an ethical culture, supporting local and national charities, and fundraising.
  • Very focused planning takes place every six months and additional monthly management and partner meetings also review firm performance against KPI’s.
  • Increased marketing on the Web (with a re-designed website) and Twitter have also impacted on new work levels with good use of video client testimonials on the website.
  • The firm has excellent financial management with hands on development via FD and partners to review regularly.
  • Additional growth since last year has seen expansion of the firm, with a forecasted growth in profitability in 2013.
  • Financial information is also shared with staff as part of open culture to raise awareness.
  • The firm takes the stance of information security very seriously with strict protocols on this and a very clear demonstration by all staff, on why this is important and how they apply this in practice.
  • Positive changes come about additional development of people management practice, firm structure and review of roles and staff for more effective resourcing.
  • Excellent levels of training and development activity are still taking place with a definite culture of continuous improvement and learning.
  • The firm is APIL and CPD accredited and have invested in additional times and resources on provision of a suite of in-house development.
  • Excellent awareness by staff on risk and risk issues now as a result of increased awareness raising, training on compliance and ongoing reporting arrangements in place. Staff stated systems were effective in practice on a practical level with positive encouragement to seek partner/supervisor advice at any time to have a chat, review concerns or discuss issues on risk and report as required.
  • Comprehensive arrangements in place for the review of risk and data in line with the analysis of trends, complaints etc.
  • The firm have introduced the ‘4 service promises’ which now defines the client care service levels expected and this was demonstrated by all interviewed and a clear ethos of the firm.
  • Client care and review of such, was now paramount in the retention of clients and reinforcement of excellent service levels.
  • It was clear the use of the PROCLAIM system to progress matters in accordance with the firm’s procedures was working very well with clear steps taking place which also ensured more efficient progression of matters.
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