Express Solicitors Sponsor Team England Lacrosse Player


Express Solicitors are delighted to sponsor John Beadle, a lacrosse player who has represented England in the latest World Cup.

John has played lacrosse since he was eight years old and currently plays for local south Manchester team, Heaton Mersey, in the English league in field lacrosse. John also plays for the London Knights and Heaton Hornets in box lacrosse and has progressed to play for England in three world cups.

This year’s lacrosse world cup was held in Syracuse, upstate New York which is of particular interest as the sport itself developed from a game played by the Iroquois Indians, also known as the Haudenosaunee. The sport of lacrosse recognises the Haudenosaunee as a state meaning they can play as a country in international events. The 2015 lacrosse world cup was the first time that indigenous people have hosted an international event.

When asked why the sponsorship from Express Solicitors was important to him, John answered: “Lacrosse is an amateur sport in the UK but we are competing against full time professionals in Canada, the USA, the Iroquois, and even Israel to a degree. Sponsorship from companies like Express Solicitors makes it possible for people like me to attend the events. As an amateur sports person competing at an international level you have to make a lot of sacrifice’s especially at home. Any additional funding takes away much of this pressure and allows you to concentrate on performing your best.”

To find out more about John Beadle’s sporting career, you can view his online profile on the English Lacrosse website here:

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