Gavin Redman of Express Solicitors on ITV News

ITV news recently reported on the spiralling cost of car insurance, after the Prime Minister called a summit of large insurance companies to discuss ways of tackling the issue. Gavin Redman, Business Development Manager at Express Solicitors, was interviewed as part of the report.

In a balanced piece, which showed one of the many thousand legitimate claimants that Express Solicitors represents each year, Gavin pointed out that there are many individuals who suffer from whiplash caused by motor accidents yet still do not claim.

The summit suggested that whiplash claims could be assessed by an expert panel of medical experts. Express Solicitors already send all clients to an independent medical expert as a matter of course.

The powerful insurance industry propaganda machine attempts to lead the public in believing that it is referral fees, lawyers’ fees and fraudulent claims that are driving up the cost of insurance. ITV, however, asked important questions of the insurance industry’s role in driving up premiums, accusing them of being partly responsible by ‘cashing in’ by trading people’s claims.

When interviewed, Otto Thoresen of the Association of British Insurers appeared to fudge the question and deflect attention away from the insurers’ significant contribution to inflated premiums.

Watch for yourself here

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