Interview with APIL New To PI Group secretary Kimberley Newman

Express Solicitors is pleased to announce that Assistant Solicitor Kimberley Newman has been appointed Secretary to APIL’s New To Personal Injury Group. The group was founded by Alex Drake, and offers training and support to junior solicitors working in Personal Injury. The appointment is a huge filip for Kimberley, of whom we’re all very proud having witnessed her rapid progression since joining as a Litigation Executive in 2007.

We grabbed a quick interview with Kimberley to disccus APIL and the New To PI Group.
Hi Kimberley. For the uninitiated, please start by telling us a little about yourself and the areas you specialise in at Express Solicitors.

I qualified as a Solicitor with Express Solicitors a little over a year ago now and since qualification have worked in the Employers’ Liability department. I currently work under the supervision of the Senior Partner Robin Patey and I deal with all sorts of accidents at work including crush/laceration injuries caused by moving parts of machinery, manual handling injuries, injuries caused by work at height and some very interesting armed forces cases to name just a few.

You’ve just been appointed secretary of the APIL new to PI group – what will the role entail?

The role of the New to PI Group itself is to provide a forum for APIL Members who are relatively new to Personal Injury to get together, share ideas, problems, experiences and to obtain support, information and training.

My role as Secretary is voluntary and will be to work with the Group Coordinator to set up and run meetings and assist with the smooth running of the Group. I think it will be hard work on top of a well established case load but well worth the effort given that APIL is a ‘not for profit’ organization and this is a good way to give something back and do my bit after all of the invaluable training and information I have received from them to date.

How were you selected for the position?

The role of Secretary is usually elected from within the Group membership. People interested in the role put themselves forward and a ballot is taken. I have been a member of the Group for a few years now and have been to some very interesting meetings so I felt that it was a valuable Group to be a part of. I have applied before and been unsuccessful when I was pipped to the post by a fellow APIL Member. I decided to give the process a second go and it was second time lucky for me!

Express Solicitors has a number of APIL accredited solicitors, with Managing Partner James Maxey holding Senior Litigator status from the organisation – what makes it such an important organisation?

APIL is a not for profit organisation with the overall aim of helping injured people. APIL are dedicated to campaigns to enhance and promote access to justice, develop personal injury law, promote safety standards and provide training and assistance to members. APIL particularly work to assist and promote communication and knowledge sharing between practitioners and to develop the expertise of its members for the benefit of injured people everywhere.

Express Solicitors are really motivated to ensuring that all members of staff at every level are provided with high levels of good quality training and also promote knowledge sharing. APIL as an organisation and the information and training that they provide is an invaluable resource to achieve this.

What qualities will you bring to the role?

I am hard working and have good time management skills so I think I will be suited to a Secretary role where the smooth running of meetings is a must. I am also personable and enjoy communicating so I am hoping that I will be approachable and that I will fit right in.

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