James Maxey Backs A2J campaign

James Maxey and Express Solicitors are helping to back the A2J campaign to oppose the proposed changes to the Small claims limit being increased to £5000 and the removal of people right to claim compensation when they have been involved in an accident. He also want to see more done to stop fraudulent claim and cold calling and cold texting of people trying to encourage them to claim. “People know if they have been hurt in an accident and if they have then they need the right of redress”  Mr Maxey agrees the Small claims limit should increase but only to £2000 which would bring it in line with inflation since it was last increased.

To remove the right to claim compensation for an accident that was not your fault has been the right of all British people for hundreds of years to stop it now would mean that injured people would have to fight the Insurance companies through the small claims court to get back any loss of earning which would mean a lot of people would be disadvantaged. The Insurance companies have said that they will reduce premiums by up to £40 a year. So that means for £0.77 pence per week the public lose the right to compensation.

If these proposals go through Parliament and are then implemented approximately 35,000 jobs could be lost in the legal profession. An economic report was commissioned to see what the impact of these reforms would create.


“I would urge everyone who ready this and feels that the removal of the right to claim compensation should write to their MP and voice their concerns”


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