Rallying Belgium Style With Chris Ingram

What an insane BRC Ypres Rally with Vauxhall Network Q, Express Solicitors & Opel IMG_0070

As usual an electric atmosphere and challenging stages, but this year seemed a little more special flying the union flag on our ADAM R2Ypres

Express Solicitors sent over Gavin Redman to cheer us on and to experience Rallying Belgium style.

We took control of the overall R2 class of 30 teams on Friday evening and were leading fairly comfortably all the way up to stage 18, also 6th overall in the BRC, despite having to completely stop for a crashed car being pushed back on the road and an excursion into a field ourselves losing 26 secs!

Unfortunately on stage 18 we went out of the rally with a mistake from me, but all in all we proved our pace against the local hero’s and best of the BRC Juniors and took some fantastic experience ahead of focusing on the rest of the European Rally Championship and hopefully a few WRC rounds!IMG_0065

I’m so grateful to Network Q Express Solicitors, and my Opel team and Elliott for the rally and I’m confident next time we’ll get back on track and continue the great start to the season

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